Human Capital Management System

A complete set of enterprise solutions are available through the PRISM – Human Capital Management System package, which enables businesses to establish complete hiring-through-retirement processes designed to support their operations.

PRISM– Small and medium-sized businesses (SME) looking for cost-effective, industry-specific solutions will find PRISM to their liking. With its better functionality and reporting, the solution can be seamlessly linked with any local financial system as well as global ERPs like SAP, Oracle, and Dynamics.




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This comprehensive module facilitates in management of personnel data record. Provision to record personal details, profiles, contact details, academics, health conditions, documents, id’s, passports, assets issued, single or multiple bank account, personnel preferences etc. and many more attributes are available for use.

The wage processing module serves as the hub for all other modules present in the system. Robust formula configuration options facilitates in defining different types of allowances, deductions off cycle, hidden & Non Salary payments to meet the HR policy and business requirements. Likewise provision is also available to configure other system modules such as Overtime, Loans, Tax, and custom Funds to ensure automatic wage update whenever there is any change in the same.

Income Tax is one of the key modules which is upgraded annually to meet all major statutory requirements as may have been amended with the annual national budget. The module facilitates automatic calculation and deduction of income tax and generation of statutory statement to be submitted to the government departments, thereby resulting in immense time and cost savings.

Different types of loans can be defined in the system. Provision to allow loans against any fund is also available. Loan Installments are calculated and deducted automatically on a monthly basis. The module offers flexibility to generate loan schedules with installment calculations. Rescheduling, Addition, Lump-sum Payment, Write-Off and customized Loan Scheduling are the added features of the module.

Employee Overtime/Short-Time may be setup based on different options available. This may be on a user defined rate or as deduced based on wage allowances. Separate rates may be defined for Holidays, Off-days, Working days & at any overtime/short-time type. Any additional amount may also be added to this overtime/short-time as desired. Once configured, the overtime/short-time may be processed independently or along with the monthly wage processing.

Recording attendance is easy and intuitive. Options are available to either record the same manually by simply marking the absences or to fetch data from a time recording machine. This comprehensive module provides options to define different types of shifts with starting and ending time boundaries. Employees are to be grouped and these groups are then applied to different shifts and may be scheduled for a daily, weekly, or rotational basis. This module can also be directly integrated with Attendance Machines. The module facilitates in recording attendance, updating of leaves and overtime along with effective reporting for better capital management and control.

ESS is a powerful self-contained module, designed to serve the routine queries and requirements of your employees. This module serves as an employee interface to the HR department of your organization. Immediate online access to pay slips, Outstanding Loans, Outstanding Leaves, Company procedures, and policies are some of the key information available through this module. Besides, interfaces to file Leave applications, Loan applications, and approvals are also possible and the system facilitates in making day to day routine tasks fast, efficient and strong. The modules are configured with its own security shell and allow secured employee access through user id and password. In addition to this, the ESS also serves as the management’s communication medium to the workforce. Provisions are available for a Noticeboard, Employee Feedback, Newsletters and connecting other internal modules where required. To log on to the ESS secured website, users must have an ID and password as well as employment information in the system.

Information that an employee can view/Edit/Apply

  • Employee Personal Info
  • Address
  • Earnings
  • Payroll Taxes
  • Current and Prior Timesheets
  • Employee Documents
  • Advance Wages Request
  • Leave Request
  • Loan Request
  • Conveyance Request
  • Medical Reimbursement Request
  • Document Upload option in every Request
  • Annual Leave report
  • Loan Schedule Report
  • Payslip
  • Yearly wage Report
  • Vacation and Sick Leave Balances

PRISM is a modular, customizable platform that allows you to tailor your current performance management process, rather than be dictated by a strict formula. We also offer general best practice options like OKRs, KPIs and a Balanced Scorecard approach for companies wanting to kick start a new process or bring theirs up to date. Take away the administrative headache – PRISM intuitively links all areas of the performance management cycle online, in one place. Goals, Feedback, Reviews, and Development are tracked together and feed reporting data. The robust reporting suite allows your senior team to instantly see as broad or as detailed a picture of the company’s performance as they need it.

Goals and OKRs

Successful companies align employee goals with the growth strategy of the business. With our performance management software, you set high-level company objectives using a balanced scorecard approach. Employees align their individual goals to these company objectives, which improves their understanding of their contribution to the company’s success.

360-degree feedback

The key to a building a valuable feedback process is generating honest, regular and actionable information. PRISM has an extremely customizable system for building feedback forms. You can add feedback questions, rating scales and other criteria to build a feedback form that suits your company.

Performance Appraisal

Performance Appraisal are a natural outcome of goals and feedback throughout the performance cycle. A good performance review should just document what’s already been achieved and discussed between the employee and manager. With PRISM, reviews take in all the key data we’ve already gathered and allow both parties to comment on their performance.

Social Recognition

The social recognition module creates records of employee contributions across your organization and is visible to all employees on the platform. It’s a useful tool to see what employees are busy with on a day-to-day basis. Employees can comment and up-vote contributions and recognition about their peers on the timeline.

And much, much more …

PRISM has a number of additional people-related modules that you can configure and customize. These include a development planning module, training administration module and projects module. You can create and view organizational charts, staff directories and company structures.

This module provides the liberty to create customized Funds along with the predefined ones. Fund types, eligibility, formula and deduction and contributions are configurable.


Pension can be configured in the Fund Module. Option to enter opening balances and define contribution of employee and employer on the basis of selected allowances is present. Option for one time settlement and monthly pension is also present. Projection reports are available for effective budgeting and cash flow planning.

Provident Fund (PF)

This Provident Fund management allows organizations to manage their own Provident Funds for their employees or members. PF serves as a key module for PRISM – Funds and provides for features such has: Maintain Deduction/ Contributions details. Facilitate Account Inquiries. Profit distribution. Informative reporting options. Reports on refunds, non-refundable withdrawals, employee ledger card etc. Manage Employee’s deduction & employer’s contribution. Manage loans against PF. Provident Fund ledger with up to date balances. Integration with Fund Accounting ledger or Investments accounting.


A Gratuity module also supplements the overall application suite. Gratuity slabs may be defined as per policy. Select and configure list of allowances for gratuity calculation. Generate different gratuity reports: Monthly accrual, Yearly projections & more. Specify Employee’s entitlement and entitlement dates. Generate gratuity balances at the time of final settlement.

Contributions (EOBI, Social Security & WPPF)

EOBI, Social Security & WPPF can be configured as per government rules and company’s policy. Standard reports for online submission are also available.

Customized Funds

Unlimited custom funds can be configured in the system with the provision of Contribution & Deduction along with the reports.

The effective and continuous growth of your business largely depends upon your HR hiring systems. Often, recruitment solutions available do not meet the desired result due to a lack of intuition and support. The key towards recruiting the right candidate for the right position lies in acquiring new talent that syncs with the niche processes of your business. Is your business using the latest corporate hiring solutions? If not, then you need to optimize your outreach further. If yes, then you need to stay at the top of the game.

The secret in hiring the right person for the right job is to:

  • Get your capital requests validated before serving them
  • Tap talent internally before looking externally or paying consultants
  • Source from multiple channels-internal, job referrals, job sites, etc
  • PF opening balance.
  • Monthly Deduction & Contribution.
  • Reduce your recruitment costs by locating right talent by having a single resume bank
  • Manage your interview process efficiently via structured interviews
  • View all interview feedbacks before making the hiring decision
  • Using the power of Workflow, create an ‘authority to recruit’ process so vacancies can automatically be produced via online forms, by the people empowered to produce them
  • PRISM’s robust vacancy management tool allows HR/managers to link to posts, prepare and review job descriptions, pose applicant questions and upload to Online Recruitment
  • Filter applicants by searching CVs for particular skills, locations, keywords and qualifications. The software – your virtual administrator – does the hard work, to save you time
  • Convert successful applicants to employees in HR with a single click, to initiate a new starter process tailored to your organization
  • Ensure “do not hire” candidates are not recruited in other locations
  • Design custom recruitment reports, offer & appointment letters using our document designer tool
  • Ensure compliance to various check lists (pre & post joining), enabling an employee to get productive quickly
  • Meet the business needs of capturing data required for downstream processing, reporting and analytics
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