PRISM – Financials Helps you to manage all your Financial & Accounting activities with simple steps and investing your time less on the software and focusing more on your core work, With configurable KPIs on your Dashboard you can have the idea of overall performance of your company at a glance, for details all the required information related to Financial Statement, Balance Sheet, Income statement, and Cash Flow Statement is available to download in your required format.

PRISM is specially designed to fulfill the requirements of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) that seek business-specific solutions at affordable pricing. Offering superior functionality and reporting, the solution can be comfortably integrated with international ERP’s like SAP, Oracle, and Dynamics.


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PRISM Financials

Bring your financial information together in PRISM Financials module. Fully integrated with the rest of the PRISM ERP, Financials gives instant access to mission-critical financial data with comprehensive and flexible reporting and analysis. Prism Financials maintains the charts of accounts, controls financial periods, ledgers, allocations, and more. financials is integrated with other modules, giving instant access to timely and accurate financial data.

Key Benefits of Prism Financials Software for your Company

  • Flexible Financials Account and Sub-Account Structure

Define the structure of your Prism Financials accounts and sub-accounts. Organize your reporting and analysis configuration by defining segments, segment lengths, and segment values.

  • Reporting from multiple dimensions

Different views of the data, or dimensions, are created by using subaccounts. With subaccounts, nearly unlimited reporting dimensions are available to slice financial reports by product, department, or any user-defined segment. Consolidated and summarized data can be displayed in the monthly, yearly, and quarterly views.

  • Account and Sub-Account Security

Control roles and access permissions by account and sub-accounts to protect sensitive data and improve accuracy. Limit “on-the-fly” sub-account entry to specific sub-accounts based on pre-defined combinations of segment values.

  • Financials Consolidation

Combine data from multiple entities for consolidated reporting and analysis, different currencies or different account structures notwithstanding. Adjustments for minority interests, inter-company transfers, and other transactions are preserved to avoid duplication.

Important Features of General Ledger ERP Software

  • Advanced Financial Reporting
  • Flexible Configuration of Financial Period
  • Multiple Currencies Support
  • Financial Accounts Budgeting and Budget Approval
  • On-The-Fly Sub-Account Entry
  • Automatic Allocation of Financial Balances
  • Drill Down to Original Documents
  • Reversing and Auto-Reversing Entries
  • Recurring Transactions
  • Audit Trail
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