With the aid of PRISM-Financials, you can easily handle all of your financial and accounting tasks while spending less time using the software and more time on your primary tasks. With customizable KPIs on your dashboard, you can get an overview of your company’s performance at a glance. For more information, you may obtain the necessary documents for the Financial Statement, Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Cash Flow Statement in the format you need.

Small and medium-sized businesses (SME) looking for cost-effective, industry-specific solutions will find PRISM to their liking. The solution may easily be integrated with global ERP systems like SAP, Oracle, and Dynamics while providing greater functionality and reporting.


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PRISM Financials

In the PRISM Financials module, compile all of your financial data. Financials provides immediate access to mission-critical financial data with thorough and adaptable reporting and analysis. It is fully connected with the rest of the PRISM ERP. Prism Financials regulates financial periods, ledgers, allocations, and more in addition to maintaining the charts of accounts. The integration of financials with other modules allows for quick access to current and accurate financial data.

Key Benefits of Prism Financials Software for your Company

  • Structure for Flexible Financial Accounts and Sub-Accounts

Decide how your Prism Financials accounts and subaccounts will be organized. Define segments, segment lengths, and segment values to organize your reporting and analytic setup.

  • Many Dimensions of Reporting

Subaccounts are used to establish various aspects, or views, of the data. With the use of subaccounts, it is possible to segment financial reports by product, department, or any other user-defined segment using almost infinite reporting dimensions. The monthly, annual, and quarterly views all allow for the display of consolidated and condensed data.

  • Security of Accounts and Sub-Accounts

To protect sensitive data and increase accuracy, manage roles and access rights by account and sub-account. You can restrict the “on-the-fly” sub-account entry to only certain sub-accounts depending on pre-defined combinations of segment values.

  • Consolidation of the Finances

Regardless of different currencies or account formats, combine data from several businesses for consolidated reporting and analysis. To prevent duplication, adjustments are retained for minority ownership, inter-company transfers, and other transactions.

Important Features of General Ledger ERP Software

  • Advanced Financial Reporting
  • Flexible Configuration of Financial Period
  • Multiple Currencies Support
  • Financial Accounts Budgeting and Budget Approval
  • On-The-Fly Sub-Account Entry
  • Automatic Allocation of Financial Balances
  • Drill Down to Original Documents
  • Reversing and Auto-Reversing Entries
  • Recurring Transactions
  • Audit Trail


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