Restaurant Menu

Capability to cater segment wise multi-menu according to the restaurant serving area makes its functionality broader to food industry.

Customer Profile

Profiling customers will lead you to the next step of getting close to your customers. Foodpost offers you this service to maintain, observe and reward in discounts.


Tempting Deals and timely promotions will never let your customer go away from your menu. Ready to make customer addictive to avail promotions & Deals.


Talk to your customers, start knowing your customer expectations about food, ambiance service and many other. FoodPost asks ratings to every order, every customer.

Product Add-Ons

The ambiance of ordering live at the branch can felt by FOODPOST with its extra features to add extra in your meal. Servings like Extra meat, Extra Cheese, Extra Petty can easily be handled by FOODPOST.

Versions Available

Low Cost of Acquisition.

Low Cost of Ownership.

Low Risk of Capital.

High Return on Investment.

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