Chat Bots

Chatbots are a form of AI Customer Relation officer with 24/7 availability which operates through natural language via text or speech. Chatbot can acquire, onboard, engage and support your customers in a personal way.  As 65% of Customer prefer using a messaging app when contacting a business and customer expect a business to be open 24/7

Payment Agent

Customer information guider

Translator ( Easily perform Speech and text translations)

Speaker Recognition API

File Sharing

Generate Customer requirements list

Being available 24/7

Task generator

  • Instant Response to the customer.
  • Auto Language Enhancement.
  • Auto update FAQ’s
  • AI formulated Decisions
  • Efficient in repetitive task.
  • Speech support
  • Texts Facility
  • Screen Responsive.
  • Capability to integrate with websites as well as applications
  • Offering targeted promotions to audience,
  • Providing a consistent and personalized brand experience,
  • Making announcement,
  • Gathering users feedback,
  • Generating reports,
  • Saving data & retrieving it,
  • Building up customer profile,
  • Providing online payment gateways for online shops.
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